About Gerard

I am an academic at CQUniversity Australia, where I teach all things Accounting (except TAX! I can’t and won’t do TAX). After many years working in large information systems management, projects and financial reporting, I decided to take a walk on the dark side, and began my new career as an academic in 2005.

Since then, I have completed my PhD (in IT governance), during which I went all left-wing hippie-ish and began to read philosophy and social theory. Consequently for my PhD dissertation, I invoked the work of Michel Foucault to explain the form and nature of IT governance.

For the last four years I have enjoyed teaching business ethics, where I have found that my new found hippie sensibilities have been useful. I am now exploring such things as the essentiality of truth and trust in commerce, and about how critique should be the the core duty of followers (in leaders too, but compared to leadership, there is a dearth of literature on the role of followers).

At the same time, I am investigating the nature of accounting in a socially constructed world of commerce. Accounting, in such a view, is discursive, and is actually the language and grammar of business.

I hope these avenues of enquiry help to make this an interesting blog to read and converse in the challenging topics of commerce.


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